Exclusive History of Commodore Computers Poster Now Available

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History of Commodore Computers PosterHistory of Commodore Computers PosterOver at The Vintage Computer Forums, user "billdeg" posted about the current availability of his new poster, which was three years in the works, "History of Commodore Computers". While it's not really all-inclusive, it's apparently of a very high production quality, hits the important points and would be a nice addition to any enthusiast's collection. Of course, it also gives me an idea to put something similar together for my 200+ system collection, but since that would probably take me years to get to, I suggest you plunk down the money ($19.99 plus shipping and handling, which is not bad for a "homebrew" full-size poster) for this Commodore-specific one now... ;-)


Matt Barton
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Neat Poster

I do like that poster, even if it does look a bit amateurish with all those boxes everywhere (and unbalanced whitespace). I'd like to see something like this done like this Unix poster in timeline style.

Bill Loguidice
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That's a great idea, Matt. Perhaps after my book comes out, we should spear-head that. We'll certainly have access to all the data and photographic sources. No doubt there have been some great timeline and data map posters over the years and they're certainly invaluable resources. I also really like that UNIX one!

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