Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Note that this version of the site is now just an archive. New posts and commenting have been disabled. Please conduct all new activities on the latest Website at Thanks!

  • How do I join/register on Armchair Arcade?

  • While we allow anyone to post at any time, Armchair Arcade is free to join, which allows you to maintain a personal history here, among other benefits. In order to cut down on spam registrations, we now ask that you send a request with your preferred user name using the Contact Us form.

  • What is Armchair Arcade all about?

  • Armchair Arcade is an online community dedicated to intelligent coverage and discussion of classic and modern videogame, computer, and technology topics. The Website features commentary on current events, articles, features, games, and a plethora of other content. In short, when it comes to the past, present and future of videogames and computers, the team at Armchair Arcade will constantly be thinking of new ways to provide content around such exciting technical subjects. Our mission is to chronicle the complete history of videogames and computers.

  • Who started Armchair Arcade?

  • Armchair Arcade was conceived in late 2003 by a trio of technology enthusiasts, including current owner Bill Loguidice. Armchair Arcade has been going strong since its inception, with an ongoing commitment to quality and improvement. You can read more in our About Us - What is Armchair Arcade? section.

  • How can I contribute to Armchair Arcade?

  • Do you have talent in writing, art or technology and want to contribute? If so, drop us a line and let us know your idea. You'll always get a response.

  • How can I donate to or support Armchair Arcade?

  • We only accept technology donations (hardware, software, accessories, literature, etc.) at this time. Armchair Arcade can be supported financially by clicking some of the advertising links or purchasing our books or film. You can also check out our online stores or purchase from our business partners. While in reality this provides far less financial benefit to us than direct donations, we feel strongly that you should always get something tangible in return for your support. Please check out the appropriate options on the left-hand menu for more information. 

    Other great ways to support us include dropping us a line or participating in the discussions on our Website. Good or bad, we would love to hear from you, as it really helps to keep us going!

  • Hey, why did you write about xyz?  I thought you only covered old videogames?!

  • While we certainly have a passion for and focus on classic videogames, we believe in looking at such a deep subject holistically. "Videogames" don't involve any one type of technology or focus and is simply not an either/or proposition. Gaming can involve computers, handhelds, cell phones, whatever, and cater to people of all ages and interests. In fact, there are times when we might talk about general topics like technology, science or philosophy, as just a few examples, with seemingly little regard for what someone else typically might expect from us. Rest assured, there's a reason why we cover what we do and feel confident that since we don't believe in having limitations, our readers shouldn't be subjected to them either.

  • Where is your old Website?

  • We keep the old Website, which officially ceased new operations on May 23, 2006, running in an inactive, but accessible state (though the database is presently borked, so right now there is just this partially accessible archived version), for archival purposes and as a promise to our long-time members to keep, among other things, all of their forum posts available, some of which included reviews and invaluable contemporary perspectives. This is just one of many ways that Armchair Arcade differentiates itself from other entities--we really do care about our readership and the time you invest in our Website.

  • Where are your old issues?

  • In roughly Armchair Arcade's first year or so of existence, we put out regular "issues", much like any other Web-based magazine. There were seven total issues, which you can find on the old, defunct Website, here, for Issue 7, and here, for the six prior issues. Due to changes in Web standards, some of the formatting now is not the same as it was originally meant to be. Further, we have converted these issues to our current Website's template, with varying degrees of success, here.

    It was a wonderful experience for us and well received, but instead of waiting to read or experience our new content, the blog format has allowed us to post material as soon as it's completed.