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AAAAGreetings, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the new site and having fun reading all of our blogs and news. However, we need your help to really get this site rolling. Here's an easy way to help out. First, email or get in touch with a friend or two that you think would be interested in this site. If they decide to register, send them the referral link on your profile page (the page that pops up when you hit "my account" on the sidebar). At the bottom of your profile will be a special link that will let them register on the site, using you as a referral. The system will keep track of who has referred whom--and we're counting on each of you to spur our development. Perhaps we'll even give the top referrer a free copy of our planned "Best Of" print issue (coming soon).

As always, thank you for making Armchair Arcade the best place on the net for intelligent discussion about gaming!


Bill Loguidice
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Just a reminder, this site

Just a reminder, this site is still a work in progress and we'd love to hear your ideas for content/structure or anything else relevant to what we're trying to do here (use the "Contact Us" form or shoot us an e-mail directly - my address is ). We're excited for our upcoming online issue and making a print version available, but don't think for a second that we're going to stop there! It would be much appreciated if you took Matt's advice above as now is the best time for new people to get into Armchair Arcade, as once we release the new issue, print version and announce other (potential) exciting partnerships and deals, this will be a much, much busier place.

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director
Armchair Arcade, Inc.
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Matt Barton
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More People = Good

We really do appreciate your efforts here! I can remember back when Armchair Arcade first started back in 2004. We had maybe 3-4 people active in the forums, and a few comments per article. Fortunately (for us), a big retrogaming forum shutdown right around that time, and we ended up with dozens of "refugees." This time around, though, we've got to do it ourselves.

In all seriousness, there is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth. You probably know someone (a friend, sibling, heck, even s.o.!) who would be interested in joining our community. It's pretty easy to send them your referral link, but take a little extra time to tell them why you like this site and why you'd like to see them here.

I agree 100% with Bill. We'll no doubt see a bunch of new members after we roll out the long-anticipated issue #8, but you folks are really our most loyal and dedicated members. A good push now will really spur us on to an awesome job with Issue #8.

Also--don't forget that you can also help out by commenting on the posts you see here. Good discussions are the best way to let us know you're interested in the site and appreciate what we're doing here. They also give you a chance to get invovled and shape the site's content. Plus, other members and visitors are more likely to read posts that have lots of comments.


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