Matt Chat 29: Wizardry!

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This week, I cover Wizardry, one of the earliest and most influential CRPGs ever made! Enjoy! Also, don't forget to subscribe to Armchair Arcade's new YouTube video feed!


Bill Loguidice
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That's an interesting design

That's an interesting design question, Orakio. I'm personally torn on the whole annotating auto-maps thing. Some games auto-mark things, some allow you to make notes yourself. One problem I have with *some* RPGs is information overload. If all of that information is not managed/organized well within the program, I actually find it inhibits the gameplay, as I get lost in a sea of text. I've rarely found myself referring back to something as I've advanced in these games. Perhaps that's another design flaw, that once you progress from an area, it no longer becomes relevant. I don't know.

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Matt Barton
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I'm with you there, Bill.

I'm with you there, Bill. There are always trade offs. I'm usually not very good at navigating these things, so an on-screen map is always helpful. I don't really mind putting my own notes on the map--in any case, it's a nice option. If the game does too much stuff for you, it starts to feel like you're just running errands or connecting the dots--no real sense of exploration or discovery. Of course, I don't want to waste time wandering all around a large area looking for a mobile quest giver either.

This is an even bigger problem for adventure games, where you start to get into issues of whether the "hot spots" should be identified somehow or left for the player to find with pixel hunting or staring closely at the screen. I personally prefer the former.


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