Bought three xbox 360 games in the Local Thriftshop and something else... September 8th 2009

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Mark Vergeer
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Today I had to leave the house because some viewers came over with their real estate agent to view our house - yes we are selling it and are planning to move to a nicer house (with more room for my collection!) - and I had to go into town for a bit so I decided to go to the local thrift-store and picked up three xbox 360 titles.
Then I walked over to Backgames ( a local video game store specializing in retro gaming and I acquired a Model II megadrive so that I could have a more reliable Megadrive console than the one I have been using until recently. I plan on modding that one to play NTSC games at 60Hz and keep my latest edition as my main PAL unit.

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late comment but, will do it

late comment but, will do it anyways. Last Remanent and Dead Space are both excellent buys (Dead SPACE for sure). Shadowrun is pretty ho hum IMHO. Dead Space was a game I couldnt put down untill i finished it, perfect blend of "being there" and gameplay, again IMHO. LR is pretty standard "we need a RPG out on the 360" game. prefectly ok game, but kinda so-so, i still think its best RPG is Lost odyssy, Eternal sonota or BLue Dragon. Good purchases non the less.

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