Original Super Mario Bros. in 3D!

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Super Mario Bros 2.5D: It's got depth!Super Mario Bros 2.5D: It's got depth!Here's some jaw-dropping news for those of us who dig Super Mario Bros: "Nickmade Games" has remade the NES classic in 2.5 dimensions, and, as you can see, they did a sweet job. Grab the game here and let us know what you think! You can read more about this game at Opposable Thumbs. Don't forget to use the arrow keys for movement and the WASD for camera control.
Description: Super Mario Bros 2.5D is a remake of the classic, Super Mario Bros… in 3D. How can you remake a 2D game in 3D? Add depth! Defeat enemies as Mario in a whole new way with 3D views and 3D graphics!”
Filename: SuperMarioBros2.5d.zip

This game really opens up some interesting potential. Although there are some flaws, it's really neat to be able to spin the camera around, even if it's totally unnecessary and leads quickly to death for Mario. I bet if I were better at Mario, I could really do some interesting camera work here while bustin' out some kickbutt platforming.

I don't think I'll ever look at Super Mario Bros. the same way again.


David Torre
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Visually, it's amazing, but

Visually, it's amazing, but like most Mario knockoffs there are plenty of show-stopping glitches and the gameplay isn't right. Small mario is able to break bricks, there seems to be no mushroom or fireflower, the jumping physics are wrong, and Piranha Plants don't stay in their pipes when you stand on the pipes they are in (like in the game).

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Not the same

It just isn't the same on a PC. I downloaded a couple Mario games last month and got bored pretty quick. Playing Super Mario on the DS is a different thing and I play it everyday.....

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I played it as well. I like the ability to change the perspective, but overall play wise it was not very refined. Cool concept though.

striker49 (not verified)
quite fun


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