Olympic torch burns for gaming?

Well, Ted Owen, founder of The Global Gaming League wants gaming part of the Olympics. While China gives gaming the green light, Olypic officals didn't give the green light as of right now.

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Personal Take:

I love video games and such, but I don't believe that gaming should be part of the Olypics.


Bill Loguidice
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Videogames as a Sporting Event or High-Level Competition

I still can't wrap my mind around videogames as a sporting event or competition other than of the "casual" variety. I have no interest in watching other people play games and don't really care if one person is better than the other.

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Olympic Gaming?

I'd have to second Bill on that one as I can't imagine "Gaming" as an Olympic event. Although, you have some crazy summer and winter games now, but they all have a common theme, physical exertion of some kind or the other. The last time I checked the only thing physical about gaming was the occassional tossing of the controller at the TV in disgust!


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