Vintage CRPG Development

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Just wanted to call attention to my ongoing vintage CRPG development project.

I've been lagging a bit on it for awhile... more than a year in fact, largely because of the nauseating development issues in MESS. I was able to start using another emulator, Classic99, for my development, though, and things are kicking! I'm about to start coding the combat engine, which is the big uncertainty now... if I run out of memory attempting to implement it, I'll have to start scaling back in areas to make it fit.

You can read about my ongoing efforts at:

My past articles, which I should write a new one soon, can be found at:



Mark Vergeer
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Worth checking out guys!

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sascha/hdrs (not verified)
Good stuff! I will read into

Good stuff! I will read into that. Oldschool + RPG + development = pure bliss!

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Very entertaining and useful!

Should work for all (retro) CRPG enthusiasts as there are many insights for games on other machines, like the early Ultimas, too.

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