Dreamcast Bonanza at IGN

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DCDCAh, the Dreamcast...Although I'm usually about as PC-centric and anti-console as a guy can be and still be a gamer, I have a special place in my heart for Sega's Dreamcast. It's one of only two consoles I own, and I've been consistently impressed with its game library and its abilities as an emulator. Well, here's some exciting news for all us Dreamcast diehards: IGN is systematically reviewing every US-released Dreamcast title, and they intend to do it with screenshots as well as videos. If the entry for Rush 2049 is any indication, Dreamcast fans are in for quite a treat.

Link via Joystiq.


Fighter17 (not verified)
I want to see the review for

I want to see the review for the four shoot 'em ups: Mars Matrix, Giga Wing, Giga Wing 2, and Gunbird 2.

This is very interesting. ;)

mrCustard (not verified)

Why not look at IGN's orginal reviews as well? They're still to be found here. As a matter of fact, this was by far my favourite DC site. I still remember some controversy around the Gigawing 1 and 2 reviews. Well, have a read and judge for yourself.

Matt Barton
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10 New Dreamcast Games on the Way!

What a day for news! I can't stop finding things to report about. Joystiq is reporting that in the wake of IGN's Dreamcast blitz, a company called Goatstore is set to release ten new games for the Dreamcast. Details aren't yet available, but this looks like a compilation of homebrew (er, "independent developers") and should cover the genres. The value add appears to be integrated high scores for all the games.

Bill Loguidice
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I got "Feet of Fury" (I use

I got "Feet of Fury" (I use it with the keyboard, but it supports dance pads) through the GOAT and it's a commercial quality release. I haven't checked out or heard much about "Cool Herders", "Maqiupai" or "Inhabitants". I'm not sure what they mean about "online high score submission" for this upcoming "Games of All Types". I hope it doesn't mean online access is required, as I know I have nothing to dial into anymore with my Dreamcast modem and broadband adapters are tough to get.

"Games of All Types" reminds me very much of this, from AtariAge, for the Atari 2600.

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