University Chronicle on Barton and Loguidice - An article on our book and upcoming feature film documentary

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University Chronicle has an extensive interview feature on both me and Matt Barton, and our work on Vintage Games, as well as our upcoming feature film documentary, Playing Games, which is referred to in the article by its previous working title of The Age of Videogames. Let us know what you think (and henceforth I wish to be known solely as "The Loguidice" like in the article)! ;-)


Rowdy Rob
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Awesome article!

The author did a great job in this article. You guys came across extremely well, like serious VIPs. And the movie sounds very exciting. "The Loguidice" indeed!

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Bill Loguidice
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Yeah, other than some typos

Yeah, other than some typos and a rough transition or two, I think the feature came out nicely. It's certainly flattering to be in a piece like that and it goes a long way in helping with the motivation to keep pressing ahead.

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Mark Vergeer
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Well we all know that Bill is now known as ' The Loguidice '

From now on Bill will be known as ' The Loguidice ', due to one of the typos that actually came out very cool.
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