What did you buy today?

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Are you collecting vintage games or systems? Please let us know what you received or purchased--how much did you pay, was it worth it, etc.

Some of my latest acquisitions -

N64: Goldeneye, Castlevania, Ocarina of Time ($20 for the lot)
Xbox: Halo 2, Jade Empire, KOTOR ($5-15 each)
Wii: Mario Galaxy, Star Wars Lego collection, Zak & Wiki, Zelda Twilight Princess
GC: Sonic Mega Collection ($3), two used Nintendo GC controllers ($14 each)

Matt Barton
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@davyK: Wow, some good

@davyK: Wow, some good purchases there, though I'm not sure pounds compares to dollars. I saw a Saturn for sale the other day, but it was like $50 or so. I didn't feel like spending that much on it. They had a few boxed games. I've hardly ever come across sealed games, but I'm happy enough if I can get them in their original boxes with all of the stuff that came with it.

If I did get a Saturn, I'd want Tomb Raider and that Nights into Dreams game.

Elizabeth and I had some fun with Need for Speed on the PS1. Good 2-player racing that isn't all power-ups, though the graphics were a bit fuzzy. The racing genre definitely benefits from improved graphics.

@bill: Yeah, it sucks, but I wasn't able to score a better deal. I guess I could have just bought a used GC that came with them for only a little more, but I wanted them right away. Besides that, the off-brand ones cost at least $15, and the reviews were very negative about how flimsy they were.

I played Goldeneye on N64 last night. It was surprisingly fun! I can definitely understand the appeal of this game and why it was so popular. I wasn't too impressed with the Castlevania game, though I guess I could get into it. I've yet to try Ocarina, because I want to finish Twilight Princess first. I started playing that and was again a bit put off by the childishness of it all, but trying to get past that and enjoy the game for what it is. As much as I try to fight it, every time I see a Mario, Zelda, or Final Fantasy game I always get this feeling that it's stuff for little kids. Hard to get past that and actually appreciate these great games! There's no wonder Xbox did so well by foisting Halo on us--finally, something a grown man can play without feeling embarrassed.

Bill Loguidice
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$14 each for two used GC

$14 each for two used GC controllers! Egads!

Bill Loguidice, Managing Director | Armchair Arcade, Inc.

Mark Vergeer
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GUT: Pastrami Sandwich ;-)

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GC : Soul Calibur II (£6)

GC : Soul Calibur II (£6) and Need for Speed Underground (£5). Need for Speed is a surprise - rather good fun. SCII is one slick package. Also got Beach Spikers Volleyball -(£14) stunning arcade game from Sega and Puyo Pop Fever (£3 sealed!)- excellent upgrade to my favourite puzzle game. Also got Super Mario Sunshine (£7)- decided to give it another go and I'm enjoying it this time.

Saturn : Japanese version of Sega Rally (£5) This still plays silky smooth even if the graphics look a bit on the rough side now. I already have the PAL version but I wanted it for my white Saturn too.

Wii : reacquired Geometry Wars Galaxies (£5 sealed!). I loaned it someone a year ago and it hasn't been returned yet. Lesson learned.

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