Apple and Microsoft to Release Portable Game Machines?

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How about the gamer iPod?How about the gamer iPod?I've been speculating for some time that the next logical entry into the portable gaming market would be from Apple (particularly in an editorial response to Gamasutra about six months back) and it looks like other industry analysts are starting to catch wind of the idea as well, for instance in this piece from GameDaily BIZ Newsletter, here.

Frankly, it's the most logical assumption possible, as to enter the videogame market - portable or otherwise - requires tremendous resources, brand recognition and commitment, something Apple, like Microsoft, has. With Apple's total dominance of the MP3 player market and successful integration of video into their flagship iPod line, it makes perfect business sense to use the strong iTunes infrastructure to offer games for play - along with the aforementioned music and video - on next generation iPods. It's a simple matter of accomodating the control needs of games, slightly beefing up the processor, adding a small internal speaker, put a games channel up on iTunes and bingo, you have guaranteed success. While most likely the majority of games would be of the casual variety, having a non-Nintendo or Sony legitimate portable option can only be a good thing. I know I'd be interested in a 60GB or greater model that does all of that, though even I'm getting tired of acquiring all these portable devices at this point...

As for Microsoft, again, a logical step and one that seems to be getting analysts in a tizzy. If Microsoft can come through on their idea of "Xbox Live Everywhere" (Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, portable, etc.), then they may have something. As for it being Xbox-1 compatible or similarly powered, I'll believe that when I see it, but again, I gladly welcome another portable option, particularly one with a hard drive, which has proven to work well in everything from camcorders to portable media players. Article here.


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Ipod Gaming

I agree, and even surprised that Apple hasn't tried to do more with iPod gaming before. I know I've often been torn between buying a portable gaming device and an iPod, and always caught myself saying, "Well, I'd want something that did more than play music." However, the PSP is just too big and Nintendo's devices always seemed a bit limited in terms of music playing. Some sort of GamePod with an ultra-slim profile might fill that niche.

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The PSP is nice, but it is a

The PSP is nice, but it is a bit bulky and if you have a game in there, you obviously can't switch over to music or a video without losing your place in the game. A next generation version should let you freely move between functions.

For the longest time, I was against Apple and their iPod's. About a year or so ago when the photo iPod's came out, I got Christina, my wife, the 60GB version with color screen. Why? Well, I simply couldn't match the power to value ratio anywhere else. Once Apple crossed the threshold of looking better than and providing more value than any other MP3 player manufacturer, it became a no-brainer to get an iPod over other devices, particularly with Apple having the best digital distribution service overall. So, yeah, I agree that if Apple integrates gaming properly, they can easily continue their dominance in the portable space and create a new category outside of the usual PDA/GameBoy-PSP/Cell Phone gaming sectors.

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