Anyone seen G.I. Joe?

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Matt Barton
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After reading my critic's review, I'm not eager to rush out to see it:

What about you, though? Anyone else have an opinion on this film?

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not me

I havent seen it but have heard its loads better then Transformers. I am a Sommers fan (Deep Rising, Mummy, Mummy II, Van helsing (ok VH inst great, but its fun)). Even the critics, while not liking it say its more a movie then most Action/toy fliks. 3 friends all gave it thumbs up if you like the big explosions, over the top beer comercial movies (I almost always do). But i wont go to a movie where its arm to arm, so I wont see it for a bit.

Bill Loguidice
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No interest. It has the

No interest. It has the Wayans who was in that awful Dungeons & Dragons film. It looks like they totally dropped the ball on this. Even the new videogames are awful.

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