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I don't mind patches/updates

I don't mind patches/updates on consoles, as there WERE bugs in past console games that couldn't be fixed. Most famously, Impossible Mission for the Atari 7800 was really impossible, as it had the type of bug in it where there was no way to beat it!

The majority of fixes in console games are generally related to online functionality, where exploits and tweaking needs are uncovered after release. Perfectly understandable to me. Of course there are other games, like 2K's MLB 2K09, that received a major update patch across all platforms, to fix lots of gameplay issues. That's more of a side effect of modern game development and the related complexity than a console/PC thing. If you think about it, until the rise of the Internet, games really weren't patched that often on PC. They started getting patched both due to increased complexity AND because you could. Prior to that, they were either tested better, were less complex in the first place so testing was easier, or they remained broken.

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