Freedom Force

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Matt Barton
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I just completed "Freedom Force" after downloading on Steam several months ago for a mere $5. Overall, I thought it was a good to great game, though some aspects I felt could have been better.

The main thing that bothered me was the many chapter or "issue" breaks. It was nice to have my characters' lives and health restored so often, but I thought it made it too easy to just take breaks or quit with all those interruptions. I think I would have preferred something more seamless like you get with Baldur's Gate. I did like that you had many colorful characters to choose from, and it was interesting seeing how their powers worked together in so many combinations. I ended up relying mostly on ranged attacks, damage-over-time (acid), and stun attacks. I beat the last level using Alchemiss, Ant, Mentor, and El Diablo. It says something that I can remember their names so easily; the game does a great job developing them comic book-style.

I would highly recommend this game, especially to folks who want a CRPG that they can play in short bursts. You can play through the average stage of this game in about 20-30 minutes, maybe shorter if you don't pause the game as much as I did to contemplate the situation. It is fairly difficult at times, but I didn't mind the challenge.

I'd be interested to hear from other folks who have played this game. From what I hear, the sequel was a major-let down.