Matt's new consoles: 3DO, Game Gear, N64

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Thanks for the advice, Bill.

Thanks for the advice, Bill. You were right--I *do* have a memory expansion! Nice perk considering that I don't believe it was even mentioned in the ad.

I have Super Mario 64 already, and you guys are right--I meant Ocarina of Time. I just want to play it since it is so widely regarded as the best game (or at least one of the best) ever made. I'd like to determine if that's just fanboy talk or what.

There's no doubt about one thing--playing Super Mario 64 on the real deal is a much smoother experience than emulation, at least as far as the controls are concerned. I find the N64 controller much better for this game than my PC's dualshock-wannabe USB controllers. Of course, I'm a bit crippled here because my TV only has RCA and coaxial inputs; no fancy stuff. When I get my cables I'll try to run it through my TV capture card with svideo, but I haven't been very impressed with that so far. If Mark (ahem) ever gets to giving me those dscaler settings I'll probably be much better off. ;)

Anyway, back to hell. I've been trying to get footage from my classic mac emulator and holy $#$@, that thing was a pain. I couldn't get audio until I turned off my PC's surround sound and set it to stereo mode. Even then I get all kinds of weirdo clicks and noise. No idea why, really. I might experiment just a bit more, but I think I can work around the noise.

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Yeah, Wind Waker is

Yeah, Wind Waker is GameCube/Wii only (I HIGHLY recommend NOT buying a GameCube, even though they're cheap used, because the Wii will play nearly 100% of everything that the GameCube can, naturally with many other perks; same thing with a PS1 over a PS2, since that does the same thing, though you already have a PS1, so the point is moot). Also, it's cheaper and easier to get a working Game Gear, but if you want to put the time/money into fixing, why not?

If you want to play "Perfect Dark" on the N64, it's highly recommended you get the memory expansion. You'll only get a limited version of the game if you don't have the extra memory installed. That will also allow you to play games like "Excitebike 64" and "Donkey Kong 64" (and I believe you said you have Excitebike, so you may have the extra memory installed!). Besides "GoldenEye" - which you may be frustrated by because it's rather antiquated now (I still like) - you naturally have to get Super Mario 64, and certainly the Zelda games. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the system, but certainly there are some intriguing games on it, and certainly lots of 3D platformers (Conker's Bad Fur Day is an amazing accomplishment for a cartridge game, with tons of speech and cut scenes).

On the 3DO, there are lots of adventure games that I'm sure you'll like if you haven't already played them on PC (Hell, Dragon Lore, Sherlock Holmes, etc.). There's also two mediocre AD&D games. I personally recommend "Twisted: The Game Show", "Casper" and "The Horde" (real-time action strategy), though I can certainly think of many, many others.

Even though I have a large collection, I'd say don't bother with a Jaguar until you get much further down the line. Despite the protestations of Jaguar fans who would happily slit my throat for saying so, there really aren't more than a handful of good games for the thing.

The Turbo-Grafx/16 is interesting, but is kind of a special case and would very much be a hassle to collect casually for (and generally a bit more expensive). I'm an original TG-16 owner, but I've since graduated to modded CD systems and Japanese systems that play a far wider and truer range of games than the American models (though you can adapt them).

The Amiga and ST are also pains, because there's not one model that can satisfy all of your needs, and you really need a proper monitor or monitors to appreciate them, taking up lots of room. I have classic Macs, and they're fun, but there really aren't a large number of games available in the wild, so I don't know how much it makes sense to really get one as a game system.

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Wind Waker wasn't on N64 -

Wind Waker wasn't on N64 - did you mean Ocarina of Time? I still have my N64 but I sold all the games except that one. Just haven't got around to it yet.

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