The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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Bill Loguidice
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I got a chance to play this finally since it's now a demo on Xbox Live Arcade. Very cool, actually. I like how you can switch between the original version and the update on the fly, literally. One press of the back button and you're in classic SCUMM mode in all its 4:3 MIDI glory, and a press again and you're in the updated hi-def (16:9) mode with full voice and transparent interface. The control scheme even works well with the game pad, featuring a radial menu, among various other hotkey options (they're all active at the same time). Otherwise, it's exactly the same as the original, jokes and all. They did a nice job with the updated aesthetics as well, though occasionally some of the text choices in the cut away scenes when Guybrush is zoomed in talking to someone become hard to read (Guybrush's shirt is white and the text is a white), but it's easy enough to instantly switch to classic mode for the purple on black.

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it since I already beat it on the Sega CD, but it's definitely a winner and something I hope they get a chance to do for some of the other LucasArts classic adventures (particularly the ones I haven't already beaten).