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I was going through a box while doing some organizing that has my Modded XBOX as well as tons of Coverdisks. Having recently watched the GameNexus Microsoft Xbox Game Collection, I figured I might as well make this video showing my collection--no original retail games but TONS of Coverdisks/Demos, etc.


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Nice Vid.

Well these discs may be enough to show some nice video game footage of rare games that you at least have in demo-form. I also have quite a large PAL demo disc collection. They often came in the same green DVD boxes sporting a multi program menu. Quite often a whole level of an (arcade) game was given and sometimes quite early version that had their gameplay and graphics altered in the definite versions. Quite nice material to go through - do I sense a video coming up Rob?

What is that music you are listening to?

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Heh, there is always another

Heh, there is always another video coming up, when I can mange it though, well that's another story......
Well on that to work (GRUMBLE)............


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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