Matt Chat 20: The History of Worms and Artillery Games

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Some of you may remember an article I wrote back in 2006 called Scorched Parabolas: A History of the Artillery Game. Well, I decided to revisit that content in this week's Matt Chat, showing you the history of Artillery games in a YouTube retrospective. Check it out here.

As always, please let your friends know if you enjoy this episode and send them the link to your favorite episode. Word of mouth can make a huge difference; just ask yourself--would you believe an ad or a friend? We're all inundated with crap, so let somebody know where the good stuff is. Spread the word!

On a more positive note, I had fewer rendering problems this time, though I had an amazingly difficult time getting the CD32 footage. It's in there, but, boy, did I earn it. Enjoy, and sound off in the comments here and/or at YouTube to let me know what you think of the video and the content!


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Oops, screwed up my links to

Oops, screwed up my links to the videos - should work now.

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The Gorilla Basic video contains some faul language....

The Gorilla Basic program was included as a source code with MS-DOS. Who hasn't made any alterations to the code to make it run differently?
I remember redesigning this game with enhanced graphics. The 720Kb 3.5" disk refuses to read though. :-(

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