Free BENEATH THE STEEL SKY adventure game.

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I just came across this, don't know how long it has been or will remain available but I figured a great free game from a great site there is no better time to check it out/sign up. I did a video to let my Youtube subscribers know but they are doing site maintenance right now DOH! Thought I would fill you guys in to! Below my original post/info (On my Facebook group)
Awesome classic Cyberpunk Point n Click adventure!
Check it out at
and sign up while you are there for access to lot's of classic PC games for great prices, direct download, DRM FREE and XP/Vista compatibility right from the start! I you haven't heard of them already there is no better time.


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or you could get scummvm and

or you could get scummvm and beneath a steel sky, Lure of the Temptress + flight of the amazon queen all for free.

all three games have been free for a very long time, tho I think Lure is more recently been made free than the other two..

check out the scummvm download page for the full games.

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I could pass on Lure, but

I could pass on Lure, but Beneath a Steel Sky is definitely a must-see for any classic adventure game fun. Great story, fun characters--everything top notch. I'm trying to remember if I've played Flight of the Amazon Queen...Sounds familiar, but I've played so many that it's hard to say for sure.

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I really enjoyed that game.

I really enjoyed that game. I had the MS-DOS version & it came with a comic book. (Eventually sold it to a collector in the UK)

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The GOG version comes in a very easy to use installer

I am downloading this to see if it works in the Crossover Games application suite on Mac OSX Leopard. It does, and so does Toca Race driver 3. Working perfectly on OSX.

I am betting quite a few other GOG games will function well under Crossover Games as weird copyright protection schemes are not used and it is basically regular executables running from within a backported 32bit Windows XP compatible environment.

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