Matt Chat 19: Gauntlet

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Here it is guys, the long-awaited 19th episode of Matt Chat featuring "Gauntlet" from Atari games. I learned a lot about the game in preparing this video, particularly that it was basically a rip-off of an earlier Atari 8-bit game called "Dandy," which had an almost identical setup.

Apparently Dandy's author was about to sue, but Atari appeased him by giving him a Gauntlet arcade cabinet (ah, those were the good old days!). Anyway, Gauntlet is still one of the best 4-player arcade and "party" games out there, so give it a watch and crank it up with your wife and/or children. Hint: A dual X-arcade is a great way to share gaming with your significant other; try it out and let me know if one game leads to another! :P

Whew! This one took me over 24 hours to film, edit, render, and publish!! Totally insane!! There is some big problems with my setup somewhere, even though Sony Vegas is supposed to be the most stable editing solution out there. Argh!


Greg D (not verified)
Gauntlet Record

Just wondering what your high score was during your 1986 attempt? Back in 1987 I played for 36+ hours scoring 25+ million points. I could have played longer, but lost interest. After level 999, it goes back to level 8. The Wizard, in my opinion, is the best character. Check out for the "official world records".

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Well at the time I did it

Well at the time I did it there was no internet to check, and mail was the only real way to check/verify anything other then video game magazines. I didnt have much of an idea if i was close or not, but I basicly could play forever after a few hours I was always gaing food/health. I think I was pretty nieve to think I was going to break any record, but Video games where still "hot" and arcades etc where everywhere. We I decide to do it I figured i needed a way to confirm it and talkin with the small town Newspaper was my first (and easist) idea. They contacted the local TV news and they offered to video tape it. it sorta went from there. Nowdays i know there are operator settings and such and I was probebly playing on way to easy a setting, i believe it was 1000 health a item but again, one day i rember it well, the next I'm not so sure :) Knowing what I know now, I doubt I would have done it, but youth and excitment kept me thinking I could do it, so not knowing better I tried. I found the biggest tricks where to do as much work angle shooting through walls as you could. Ghost levels with max level (3 shot) ghosts, just rush and leave, pick as much food without going out of way and just hit exit as quicly as possible. Knowing which levels to slowely go through and which to just push throuhg skipping food/etc is a key. ALWAYS move on lobber levels, use telports to kill mobs(and death) often, i spam teleport back and forth to kill lots. Zig Zag on demons. I use the creep method, shoot till you get a split second break then creep ahead. I dont think i have played It in 10+ years alone... no thats not true, i built a mame machine and know we had a 4 player (yes i built a 4 player machine.. need 4 joysticks for 2 player SMASH TV!) games going a few nights.. and i snuck in a few games solo but that is close to 10 years ago. Only multi player nowdays. I dont think i ever did more then about 16-20 hours ever (so you have me beat by a long shot) but i did check, i could basicly leave the machine for several hours when I built up enough and come back and keep playing.

Just a fun memory from the silly days.

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