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Thanks to friend and long-time Armchair Arcade member "davyK" for the heads-up on just-released Retro Gamer magazine issue 65 and its mention of our Vintage Games book. Quote: Bill and Matt's Vintage Games - "A brilliant book by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton that looks at a range of classic influential games from Space Invaders and Castle Wolfenstein to The Sims and Dance Dance Revolution and examines how they have all helped to shape the industry as it stands to today. Essential reading." The issue is available at newsstands worldwide, or order here. I know I can't wait for my copy to come!


Matt Barton
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The guys over at EAB pointed

The guys over at EAB pointed me here, which claims this:

It's US success was also cut short when the U.S. government declared that Commodore could not bring anything into the country, as they had not paid the $10 million they owed for the XOR patent infringement lawsuit.

True or not, I doubt whether this unit could have saved Commodore.

Bill Loguidice
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It wouldn't have saved

It wouldn't have saved Commodore, nothing would have. By the time of the CD32, the damage was already done. Same thing with Atari and the Jaguar, and Sega with the Dreamcast. One hit would not be able to erase years of mistakes and bleeding money.

I'm STILL not 100% convinced no units were sold here. Even that says, "it's US success was cut SHORT...", meaning some were actually sold.

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