Angst Rules After The Pirate Bay Announces Sale: People get pissed they can't steal stuff

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Bill Loguidice
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The comments to the piece are priceless. As long as people continue to not feel bad about stealing stuff, they will go to any lengths to do so. It's amazing that even when a minimal cost or demo option is out there, they still find the need to steal. I guess they're just losers.

Rob Daviau
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Any Pirate worth their salt

Any Pirate worth their salt knows Pirate Bay is not the end all, be all of torrent hosting sites, the most famous maybe but hardly the only one.
Uhm, at least that is what I've heard "AHEM"...............................................


Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...

Matt Barton
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I think the outrage is

I think the outrage is directed more at pirate bay than a general rant against copyright cops. The "bay" set itself up as a haven for pirates, a sort of "in your face, RIAA/MPAA/SPA!" type of counterculture that really resonated with a certain strata. It was also heavily populated by folks from Eastern Europe, many of whom I'm sure couldn't possibly care less about U.S. copyrights. In short, I think the bitterness may be more about the hypocrisy of "selling out" than anything else.

I think it bodes well for pirates, though. Because now a clear path has been shown to riches--just set up a big piracy site, "fight off the law" for awhile, and then sell out when you get a big enough offer. The whole thing basically shows that crime does pay.


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