Let's Tap (Sega) for Wii

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This is the sort of game I am making a point of supporting. For the uninitiated, this is a 5 mini-game compliation where the player controls everything by tapping. The Wii remote is put on a box (any will do - tissue, chocolate(candy) and you tap the box - the remote picks up the vibes and can differentiate from 3 levels of hardness.

Its quite light in content but it isn't a full price game - and you will really only get value in multi-player. The 1st game which so far is the star is an obstacle race for up to 4 players - tap gently to run and tap harder for 2 levels of jump. The courses develop nicely and there are lots of subtleties to look out for.

There's a rythmn game (a la Donkey Konga) but with 3 levels of tap - drum rolls too. Weird Japanese rock but its good fun.

There's a Jenga-esque tower game, and another game thats like a souped up version of the old NES game Balloon Flight. (it has a quite different battle mode for multi-player). The game is rounded off with a weird "visualiser" mode which draws pictures depending on what you tap out - with 5 different modes - one of which seems to mission-based and will unlock another.

Weird and wonderful and well worth getting.