Just Sayin 1

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FYI: Matt, you gave me an idea and I ran with it. I feel you will appreciate this especially around 2min 35 sec mark. THANKS!

First premier episode of a new series called "Just Sayin". Taking the leed from various others that I subscribed to I thought it might be cool to occasionally post a no frills, unrehearsed, off the cuff video in which I convey some thoughts, ideas, or pose a question that I would encourage you to reply to or comment on. PLEASE give this a chance by checking out this first test episode and give me your thoughts, comments and replies and opinions either here on Youtube OR if you happen to be a FACEBOOK member participate in the related discussion I have posted in my Facebook Grouphttp://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=40832614985&h=YbMT2&u=VtNtf&ref=mf
OR simply search for MaximumRD in Facebook. The Group also has the bonus of related links, photos, videos etc. Not to mention of course it's a GREAT place to hang with like minded Classic gaming individuals with great members like Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice, Lactobacillus Primus, Daniel Bienvenu, Mike Kennedy, Matt Wilson, John Gibson, Nathan allan, Andy Stanton and more, COME JOIN THE FUN!


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If anyone wants their user

If anyone wants their user name changed to something else, just let us know. It's an easy change and all of your existing user name associations come with you.

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A video response & a little 'plug'

A discussion on video games - 'which games would you like to see remade?'.
Retro gamer magazine - http://www.retrogamer.net
Classic game Remakes - http://www.remakes.org
Amiga Game remakes in flash - http://kookosity.blogspot.com/2005/12/flash-amiga-game-remakes-galore.html
Amiga Game remakes revisited - http://kookosity.blogspot.com/2006/03/amiga-game-remakes-revisited.html
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