Should Matt have background music in his Matt Chats?

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Rowdy Rob
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I like background music, but only the RIGHT kind.

I think background music has its pros and cons. In the new Matt Chat, which was otherwise very interesting, I found the background music a bit distracting in the beginning while you were on camera giving commentary. For me, the heavy drumbeats were a bit distracting and noticeable.

However, once you switched to the Plato video caps and commentary, the music worked, being neither distracting or innappropriate.

I think background music can enhance the commentary and add life, and is certainly appropriate when demo'ing a game that is otherwise silent.

I don't know what to tell you on the "on camera" segments. I LIKE background music, but it must be inoffensive and not overpowering, yet not boring. No, I don't think "Enya" would be appropriate, nor "Black Sabbath." Perhaps a nice beat, but not too heavy to where I feel the urge to bust a move during your videos.

Heck, I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not sure you NEED background music, but it does add to the production values. But.... heck, you figure out what I'm saying because I'm confused.

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I thought the background music in the PLATO video was absolutely fine. The music itself was at the right kind of volume and it was very lowkey and not distracting at all.

The reason for the poor feedback on background music ( in the Adventure video?) was that the music was a bit to 'hardcore' to be background music. There is nothing wrong with background music in itself.

By the way very interesting video. I've never even heard of the PLATO. I don't think it was released in the UK? Looks very ahead of it's time. Presumbly it was very expensive to buy at the time?

Mark Vergeer
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Voted 'maybe'

Concur with Bill's comments also.

Too much different sounds only distract. Natural game sounds of the game you are talking about is perhaps the best option. Of course this is not doable with the Matt Chat on PLATO as that system doesn't feature any sound.
Keep the volume low as it is only 'window dressing' and should never interfere with your narrative. Music hugely influences the 'feel' atmosphere of a piece of film so be sure to pick the right music.

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Same for me

I put "Maybe" in the survey.
I concur with Bill's comments.


Bill Loguidice
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I didn't notice anything

I didn't notice anything bothering me in the new Matt Chat on PLATO, unlike the last one, but I'll have to listen to it again just to be sure. It seemed like a good mix. I'd say any time you're talking though, just fade it down to the second lowest level and when you're not, fade it up, assuming you're not playing a game with sound. If you're playing a game with sound, it should just be you narrating and the game's natural sounds, so there are not three things competing for attention. Those are my two cents.

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