Watch Steve Weibe try to break the Donkey Kong record score LIVE!

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Rowdy Rob
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Steve Weibe is currently (as of 6:32 EST) still going for the highest score ever on Donkey Kong at E3, and you can watch his progress LIVE at this link (if you catch this message in time):

(P.S. Just before I was about to post this, I checked the video feed again, and it appears that there was a power outage during his attempt!!!! The video feed is out, but there is still audio, but it sounds like something went wrong. Possible sabotage of his game???)

Matt Barton
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That's pretty neat how they

That's pretty neat how they have it set up with the twitter comments and all. Sucks they couldn't keep the power going, though. I guess it's to be expected, though. No telling what all kinds of weird stuff is attached to their grid.


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