Red Alert 3

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Matt Barton
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Well, I've been playing Red Alert 3 now for about two weeks and have to admit...It's just not as much fun as I hoped it'd be. This is (gasp) the first C&C game I've played, and while I adore--and I do mean ADORE--the cut scenes, the game itself just doesn't draw me in the way recent games like Company of Heroes, Empire: Total War, Age of Empires III, and Civilization IV managed to do. I think the big problem is that the game just runs too fast, and I love to micromanage. I don't mind real-time, but I like being able to slow it down or even pause it the way you can in Empire. Maybe I was just so dazzled by Empire that I'm letting that color my evaluation of other games. I'm also not sure how much I like the fictional arms and armor in Red Alert 3; it occasionally just seems to "gamey" for my tastes, if that makes any sense. For some reason, when I look at Red Alert 3 it looks more like a game made in 1993 than 2008. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, in this case....

I intend to finish the Russian campaign, but I was wondering what others thought about this game.