Emulator frontends

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I'm building a PC specifically for emulation purposes (so far for convergence, i now have 4 PC's each dedicated to a single task ;)), mostly from spare parts. The PC is connected to a TV by way of a VGA->Scart cable. This solution gives a near perfect arcade quality picture, but unfortunately limits the available resolutions to one: the standard 640x480 interlaced 15Khz RGB signal. As a consequence, the default mame32 frontend doesn't look very good at all. Does anyone have experience with other frontends (i'm looking specificaly at you, Bill)?

Functional requirements:
-Must look good in 15Khz
-Must be controlled by either mouse or joystick, as the PC doesn't have a keyboard attached. (For configuring purposes, I use a remote desktop)
-Must operate in Windows XP.
-Must not be called GameEX. It's way too eleborate for my purposes, in the MCE interface ripoff doesn't do it for me.
-Should be able to support other emulators, but a mame-only will do.

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Mark Vergeer
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emu frontend

Richard BannisterRichard BannisterOn MacOSX there's no single easy to use frontend that I know of, but most of Richard Bannister's emulators (which cover a very very wide range of systems) feature the same interface, especially with Emulation Enhancer.

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Cecil Casey
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My favorite loader.

For pure visual appeal in a front end that can launch virtualy anything my favorite is the 3d Arcade launcher. I am not sure how great the textures will look at the low res settings. You can check it out at... http://3darcade.mameworld.net/

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EmuLoader is a good one that I've used for a number of years. Besides MAME it also supports ZiNc, Daphne, AGEMAME, and PinMAME. Also has full support for the Hotrod, Slikstick and Xarcade series of controllers.

Has a ton of extra GUI related features as well of course.

Bill Loguidice
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I've just about given up on

I've just about given up on GameEx, since it does something to the MAME settings that I can't get them to work properly with my machine. I think I'll just use GameEx to launch MAME32, Daphne and Visual Pinball as external programs. I still need to keep hacking away at my machine though to get a configuration I'm pleased with. I'll let you know when I have time to address it.

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mrCustard (not verified)
Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion! XP compatibility may be an issue, as ArcadeOS doesn't show anything but a black screen at the moment. The last update of the program was in 2004, so I guess there are bound to be some problems. I'll keep trying for a bit, but i'm open to other suggestions. Running pure DOS on the system won't be an option though. I don't have a clue how to generate a picture in DOS with the display solution I use.

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arcadeOS is good (not sure

arcadeOS is good (not sure if it runs in XP though)

MAME WAH is great too.

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