Casual Photos: The Sentry (Atari ST) and Jeopardy! (CD-i) Sealed

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Below are two new iPhone photos, this time of sealed copies of Firebird's The Sentry (1987), Atari ST version, and Philips' Jeopardy! (1994), for their CD-i platform. The Sentry was the US version of The Sentinel, an oft-ported and highly original simulation/puzzle/action game, and of course Jeopardy! is one of the truly countless adaptations of the popular game show and one of the late life CD-i titles. I still own and remember playing the C-64 version of The Sentinel/The Sentry (and struggling with it), and also put in quite a bit of time into Jeopardy! (love trivia!) on that same legendary computer. I also picked up the unreleased Coleco Adam version in the mid 80's, which was released to the public domain, and may very well have been the original version since it had a copyright of 1984 and the other versions weren't released by Share Data (Sharedata) until several years later if I recall correctly. Regardless of the origins of the first official computer version of Jeopardy!, the Coleco Adam version - as expected - is a fine interpretation with some nifty features that didn't necessarily find their way into later "ports".

The Sentry (Atari ST) and Jeopardy! (CD-i) Sealed (2 of 2)

The Sentry (Atari ST) and Jeopardy! (CD-i) Sealed (1 of 2)


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Ouch, the Sentinel that was a difficult game to play. Loved the execution of it though. The game-world simply was amazing for the time especially on the old c64. Simple colors and no shading just created this 3D environment where I actually felt fear. Experienced physical fear, playing it. It was one of the first videogames that evoked something like that for me.

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