Big movies premiering worldwide now....???

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Mark Vergeer
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Hmm, I really like the fact that the new Star Trek movie appears to premiere more or less worldwide without the 6-8 month gap in between which normally takes place for such movies to finally appear this side of the big pond. Same goes for the new Angles and Demons movie. The same was the case years ago with the Lord of the Ring movies.

Of course it is all about the money. Both movies have a lot of money riding on them and both movies can dramatically bomb because of their very nature. The Star Trek movie features a new cast and a different approach which may alienate yet could attract at the same time. So the big question is - will it draw in the old-Trekkies and will it draw in the new crowd? If not the movies bombs and you certainly won't get any money coming when 6-8 months later down the line it premieres in another part of the world. Same goes for Ron Howard's Angles and Demons movie. Liked the books, liked the first movie? Will you like the 2nd? You'd better get in all the people you can instead if trying to reap more money by forcing people to wait forever for a movie to finally run in their neck of the woods.

I think it is a smart move. I think by premiering those movies world wide the producers will get the most out of the movie money wise. Milking the market like they used to in our internet-rich society is not possible any more. Like a lot of European consumers I would much rather see the movie in the cinema than download it off usenet or another spot off the web just to be able to see the movie without it having been spoiled by all the reviewers. And most of the time when a movie is half a year old people posting about the movie won't be using spoiler warnings for the poor folk who still didn't get a chance to see a movie in their local movie theatre.

Now there's two movies I want to go see, despite what is being written about them on the web. Just want to go see them.

Now if only it would be possible for those DRM-freaks to get their act together and see to it that consumers world wide can enjoy the same streaming content - perhaps by injecting using localized commercials automatically?