Mark plays.... Sword of Fargoal (VIC-20) - Episode 8

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Mark Vergeer
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A new series of small videos, not really reviews but just some games I happen to really like. This is episode 8.

Game: Sword of Fargoal (1982)
Publisher: Jeff McCord, Epyx
Platform: VIC-20 (1982), C64 (1983), PET, Apple-II, PC (Remake)

I was moved to play Sword of Fargoal on the C64 because of the review my colleague Matt Barton has written. I played the VIC-20 version which has loads of atmosphere and is very similar to the c64 version. The c64 version has enhanced graphics and more sounds warning you of upcoming monsters and such.

The story is about a hero willingly going down in a monster infested dungeon to find a magic sword named Fargoal. This sword is located somewhere in the dungeon in the lower levels between 15 and 20 and you need to find it and bring it back up before time runs out - approx 30 minutes.

- move the joystick in the direction you want to move and you'll walk to the fog that will disappear revealing the dungeon.
- collect experience points in order to successfully fight the monsters, you can also deliver gold to the temple found on each level
- with the magic bag you are able to transport more gold then you normally would be able to
- in order to move up or down stairs just stand on top of the symbol and press fire
- to fight your opponents just walk over to them and stand on top of their quadrant. Attacking is better than waiting for them to come to you. Hit and run is also a technique that can be quite effective.

Keys used in the game:
* S hield Spell - the next fight you won't be damaged or injured.
* R egeneration - hitpoints will increase faster
* T eleport - to teleport to a random spot in the dungeon
* I nvisibility - your opponents won't be able to see you and won't follow you.
* L ight - will increase the range of vision. You can turn it off by using O
* Drift - protects you against a fall. Can be used once by pressing fire.

Matt Barton
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Nice play, Mark. Looking at

Nice play, Mark. Looking at the game now, I still think Jeff did some things really brilliantly. The sound effects in particular (C64 version kicks this one's butt, no question) really make the game stand out. However, the simplicity is a big asset. One problem with the Rogue games is that they tend to get really complicated. I remember one that had something like 30 different classes you could choose for your character!

BTW, the story of the name of the game. The author had intended for it to be "Fargaol." "Gaol" is the old way to spell "Jail," so the game would have sounded like "Far Jail." However, the publisher didn't think anybody would get that, and due to a mix-up it ended up as "Fargoal." However, I think it all works--far jails, far goals, etc.

If I might request a few Mark Plays: Jumpman, Archon, Spelunker, Rock'n Roll Racing. ;)


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