Mark plays.... Outrun (Arcade) and Outrun2 Coast2Coast (Xbox) - episode 7

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Mark Vergeer
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TV: TV 32x32 pixels A new series of small videos, not really reviews but just some games I happen to really like. This is episode 7.

Game: Outrun (1986 AM2) and it's sequel Outrun2 (2004) Coast2Coast (2006)
Publisher: Sega, Sumo
Platform: Arcade, Xbox, PS2, PSP, xbox360 live (the latter I've been playing to death)

Please choose HQ playback as the SD playback is just horrible on Youtube.

I just found out that I am a collector of the Outrun games. 'Auto Ran' as the Japanese would say. Digging through my closets I found out I have versions for many consoles, home micro's and handhelds. I believe I have just about every Outrun related game out there. The Arcade original just blew me away at the time. Still the Sega sprite scaling monster with the stereo digital sound, the steering wheel, the hand shift arcade machine would be something I like to own one day. It's rather huge though. The sense of speed in the original arcade game was amazing. The steering wheel was one of the first to use some type of 'force feedback' now very common in many console controllers.

The 8bit home conversions for the c64 and the Amstrad CPC came with a special audio tape (compact cassette) that you could play on your audio tapedeck instead of listening to the rather limited remnants of the great soundtrack the original arcade game sported. The later Outrun versions all feature the same sound tracks and enhanced versions of them.

There's also something called Outrun 1.5 on Sega Ages, which can be found on the Saturn and PS2 amongst others. This release of Outrun basically is the classic Outrun-game but then with 3D polygons instead of scaled sprites. For an Outrun fan a must have.

The original sequel to the Arcade outrun was Outrun2, this can be found on PS2 and Xbox and this disc features an Outrun2 SP mode which faithfully reproduces all the original outrun tracks. The later Coast2Coast edition features additional modes not found on the first sequel. The online multiplayer mode of the PS2, PSP and Xbox version died out rather quickly and today I can't find a single player when I fire up multi player mode on those consoles.

Microsoft has recently put out a Xbox 360 Live Outrun Coast2Coast which is slightly different from the original Xbox and PS2 versions and also has slitghly different controls. Been playing the latter to death as I want to beat a mate of mine who is just do d**n good at it. This results is me sometimes really screwing up in this video segment I recorded on the original xbox version of Coast2Coast.

Been shying away from multiplayer mode on the 360 a little trying to become better at it first. You can look me up - the gamertag is Lactobacillus.

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