Mark plays.... 3D Pinball for Windows (95, NT, XP) - episode 6

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Mark Vergeer
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A new sersies of small videos, not really reviews but just some games I happen to really like.

Game: 3D Pinball for Windows
Publisher: Maxis Software (1996)
Platform: Windows NT4 and XP came with the game which was licensed from Maxis

Well Microsoft operating systems targeted at the professional community coming with built in pinball games sure was something different. I wonder how much productivity was lost due to the fact that the working force was trying to get a highscore in pinball instead of doing some programming or Excel worksheets.

Like I said above, the game was created by Maxix Software as early as 1995 and the Space Cadet table was part of the 'Full Tilt! Pinball'-game. The graphics are not 'real 3D' with textured polygons but consist of pre-rendered 3D graphics which give the pinball game a more advanced look than most other pinball games out there at the time. Quite a few simply were 2D games where you either viewed the entire pinball table or scrolled alongside it keeping focus on the ball.

I like this game a lot as it came with my Windows XP laptop way back. Now that I have a MacBook Aluminium unibody 13" machine running Leopard I went as far as to get the Pinball game up and running in Crossover Games which is a commercial Wine implementation allowing you to run Windows apps and games on OS X without the need to install Windows itself. Works like a charm. Used the same technique to get it up and running in Vista - as sadly this Microsoft OS is lacking this nice little Pinball game.

The Space Cadet pinball game was also part of the Windows 95 plus distribution which allows the game - in slightly modified form - to run on older 16/32 bit Windows95 machines. The original Maxis game is more advanced than the built-in Windows versions as it is possible to play at higher resolutions.

The video is kinda lenghty but hey - this is what you get playing on 'one credit'. I am not the best pinball player in the world.