Mark plays.... DonPachi and DoDonPachi (Arcade) - episode 4

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Mark Vergeer
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Soukyugurentai ?

Ah you mean the 'other' greatest Saturn Shooter. Don't have that - yet. But probably will someday. Perhaps you could show us how you play it? Are you any good at it? ;-)

The Dutch and English? We get it force-fed at an early age in school and in the media. We need to - outside our country apart from the Flemish part of Belgium and our former colonies nobody understands Dutch. And then there is the thing with Dutch that all the sounds you need to be making when you speak the language greatly overlap the sounds needed to speak many other languages and then we have some unique sounds like the 'ui' and 'uu'. So it is relatively easy to do weird guttural sounds or strange Scandinavian vowels and fake the hell out of speaking other languages.

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I have Dodonpachi for

I have Dodonpachi for Saturn. Its a bit chunky and pixelleted until you run in TATE mode where it looks wonderful. A great game too - but I think I prefer Soukyugurentai.

btw what is it with Dutch people and their excellent use of English? I have always been impressed by the vocabulary and the accents Dutch people achieve when speaking English.....

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