Mark plays.... Tekken 3 (Arcade) - Episode 1

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Mark Vergeer
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A new series of small videos, not really reviews but just some games I happen to really like. This is episode 1.

Game: Tekken 3
Publisher: Namco 1996
Platform: Arcade

Here I play Tekken 3 (Arcade), on the PSX--this is the best fighter our there in my opinion. Love the 3D aspect of the fighting contrary to so many other fighters out there that are 2D really.

The PSX version is about as arcade-perfect as you can get. The Arcade version is superior though, more polygons are used and a 'lighting' technique is used not present in the PSX version of the game.

Another difference between the Arcade and the PSX version is the backdrops. On the Arcade board the backdrops have some 3D elements in them whereas on the PSX version simple bitmapped backdrops are used.

In this clip I actually try out a move here that sort of ruined a fighter game on the C64 called 'Way of the Exploding Fist'. It would let you win the entire game without many problems. On Tekken 3 the move cannot be repeated endlessly and your opponent will make a successful counter-move. Very nice multi-player too!

Must get it of you own a PSX.