Little Miss Gamer on Coleco Adam games and abandonware

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LOL, pretty funny stuff here, and well produced! Just how cool is Little Miss Gamer, eh? :)


Mark Vergeer
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I loved the atmosphere, the presentation

It definitely is not an unpacking video or a totally geek serious type of production. LMG is very professional though and I feel the team is totally in control of what they show.
The Angry video game nerd is some sort of in between where his absurd and over the top reactions to the (bad) games he plays distracts from the serious demonstration of the video-game-play in a nice humorist way.

The show Matt linked here made me laugh untill I dropped:
'Playing the illegal Rom, being faced by FBI-like scary man. Getting the deadline. What to do? Friends let you down because they've thrown out the old techno-geek stuff. What else then to GO BACK in time! Travel back in time in your parent's house with a futon labeled 'time machine' over your head and experience the precious machine is zany and funny and interesting.

My wife Elise, thought it was hilarious. And the Zuma addiction episode really struck a cord as we both played Zuma just a little too much. We didn't end up spitting out all these balls though. As a psychiatrist I do get a lot of young students from Delft Tech University with various degrees of internet and gaming addiction. So I am faced with this type of thing in real life. Just loved the Rorschach's spots and the way LMG responded to it ;-)

Little Miss Gamer, I say keep up this excellent work! You've got two addicted Dutch fans here. I recommend the Gyruss episode, very reminiscent of many a playground argument! :-)

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Jesse (not verified)

WOW! Thank you so much for this! I always tell friends that my first computer was an Adam, and no one has ever heard of it. Made me wonder if it really did exist or if my memory was wrong! Lol! I used to play a game on it all the time. Buck Rogers, I think it was called? Wow, good times :D

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