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Wow, it's been awhile since I checked out my Google Reader, and I found it chocked full of good content. First off, Good Old Games has published a nice retrospective of Fallout. The piece has great quotes from the developers and is pretty much a must-read for fans of Fallout.

GamaSutra has published a piece called What Went Wrong? Learning From Past Postmortems. This article is amazing and definitely, definitely worth a look. Brandon Sheffield has compiled the most common reasons games went wrong, and the article is loaded with very convincing examples. While this article is great for developers of all stripes, I also think it's great for critics and gamers as well.

Next up is some material on Slashdot about the upcoming BioShock II. I played the first game and found it interesting, though I'm not big on the shock-and-gore style games. I will give it credit for having a decent story and some thought-provoking content (complete with moral dilemmas). From what I've gathered looking at these links, it's focused on the "little sisters" from the first game, which were probably the most intriguing part.

Quick shots - Sony: PSP Piracy is sickening. Apparently, the PSP is failing because of piracy. Yawn. A bit more fun is these Space Invaders icecube trays. They look pretty neat to me; I'd love to have a set!


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Quick Shots

"Sony: PSP Piracy is sickening. Apparently, the PSP is failing because of piracy."

Manufacturers Law #1: Software piracy is the reason behind unsuccessful gaming hardware.
Clause #1, paragraph #1: Always.

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