MaximumRD BRAND NEW INTRO. Let me know what you think!

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My first attempt at a REAL intro for all future MaximumRD videos. Hope you like it (Be gentle, I am no expert at this stuff LOL!)

More Info FYI:
Intro opening music : Original Re-mix of XenonII Megablast by GIBS (used with his kind permission!)
The original game music composer was David Whittaker.
Woo Hoo, my new intro has been given a boost by getting full permission by GIBS to use his Re-mix
of the game music from Xenon II Megablast, the awesome thumping soundtrack that had me playing
this great shoot'em up over and over on my AMIGA back in the day! Thanks again GIBS! You ROCK!
For more info on this great arranger:
As well as Gibs own homepage:
NOTE: Since nobody likes a long video intro I used only a portion of Gibs great Remix, check the
links above to listen to it all in it's full glory!
Downloaded from the site Remix64: (On the Home page hit the music tab and check under the Amiga Charts) LOTS of great music arrangements can be found on this site.


Bill Loguidice
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Great! The only thing that

Great! The only thing that might be cool as an optional addition would be to have various moving images of you in a moving inset box from past episodes (no sound though) shown throughout the intro. It would add more "life" to the opening.

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Matt Barton
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Looks great! I'm currently

Looks great! I'm currently working on an intro, too; it'll be fun to see what we come up with.

I know what you mean about the length of intros. I'm planning to keep mine limited to 20-30 seconds, but it's hard to do anything really cool in that short of a time.

Rob Daviau
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Thanks Matt/Bill. I am

Thanks Matt/Bill. I am taking all suggestions under advisement. So far, in addition to your comments I have heard to shorten it more so
I will aim for about 20 seconds, also more animation between images. All this is do-able. I thought it was pretty good for my first attempt and I will probably use this for a few videos as I really need to get a few videos out that aren't promotions or shoutouts or unboxings LOL!
Some real videos about Classic Gaming/Computing I think my subscribers are waiting for. Also the guy who remixed the tune said he would RE-mix a 20 second version just for me including my wave sample with the computer voice at the end - AWESOME - I will take that, along with all suggestions and hopefully come up with a new version everyone is happy with at some point in the future.



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