Need help with Midway TouchMaster 4000 - Screen Issue

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I received it today (I first blogged about it here). The shipping carton was beat up, but it appeared to be OK on the palette. I plugged it in and it worked fine for a few minutes, but then something inside popped and now the screen has a purple rolling hue and you can't see anything but the purple. The touch screen still responds to touch and it still makes noise. Any thoughts on what might have blown? I left it on a bit and it sounded like something else might have blown and it has a more reddish hue now. I turned it off.

I have some photos here of it with the purple hue:




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Hmm, I just dragged out my

Hmm, I just dragged out my little old black & white TV... still working! I used to get Canadian & American stations but I think the U.S. analog channels have all turned off or are too weak.

What's that CRT smell? Ozone or something? Ha ha.

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