iPhone Owners Buy the Most Games

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Bill Loguidice
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iPhone Owners Buy the Most Games: http://kotaku.com/5207090/iphone-owners-buy-the-most-games

Even though there's a bit more to it than that, as a new iPhone owner, I can certainly understand it. There are tons of options in the iTunes stores and many games are a combination of high quality and unique mechanics made possible by the touch screen. Certainly for games that aren't free (and there are a selection of those as well), paid games starting at .99 helps, as does the one click purchase simplicity. Flight Control for instance is wonderfully addictive and a steal for .99. Other games, like the sublime and addictive Crazy Penguin Catapult ($2.99), was a game I was actually able to beat by playing in short chunks over the course of a week (it's a short game, but I feel like I got my money's worth and the now-too-rare nice feeling of actually finishing a game was a wonderful bonus).