PC Magazine's Top 25 Worst Tech Devices of All Time

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PC Magazine has a great feature up about the worst tech products of all time. It's a hall of shame for some truly miserable products. While there's only one game on the list (Disney's Lion King CD-ROM), you'll no doubt chuckle (fondly?) as you remember the items on this list. IBM's PCJr clocked in at at #13 and Microsoft Bob made it all the way to lucky #7. Apple's "Pippin" game-capable system ranks #22. I wasn't even aware of its existence...for shame! What five tech devices would you rank the worst five of all time?


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I worked in a computer store during the Microsoft Bob hoopla. It was very overhyped and then was just an extra friendly interface to the computer that contained some scaled down applications. It reminded me a lot of Commodore's Magic Desk for the C-64, which also never took off. People don't want crippled applications and they can only handle "dumbed down" for so long. AOL learned that lesson, though their recent commercials certainly don't reflect that.

As for the PCjr, I have one and must say I gained a new respect for it. It's actually a fairly small and sleek unit, and as long as you have the second version of the keyboard - not the chiclet one - a very functional machine. It really is like an early EGA PC with three channel sound and a cartridge port. Tandy would get it "right" a few years later, making a successful clone of the machine, starting with the Tandy 1000, but then trumpeting it as their own standard with good PC compatibility when the Jr went away for good. I'll be covering both of those as separate entries in my book and I for one can't wait to dig deeper into both of them.
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