Matt Chat 6: Dungeon Master available now!

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It took a week and an extra day to produce, but here it is -- Matt Chat #6: Dungeon Master! I'm sure you're familiar with this game from my book Dungeons & Desktops, but it's a totally different experience to see it in action. Check out my video and let me know if you have requests for future episodes!


Read my 2006 review of Dungeon Master for Armchair Arcade!


Mark Vergeer
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Windows specific setup guide to Sheepshaver!

Now everything has been handed to you on a silver plater! ;-) Hihihi

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Anonymous (not verified)
One of the best-Amiga

This was the first Realtime RPG i played on my amiga, the sound (stereo) was also a first. Used to play it with the lights out and the sound cranked up. The first time a monster got in behind you, wow.... Yes, today it looks very dated, but for its day it was "THE" rpg dungeon crawler. Do BLACK CRYPT sometime... Raven is still around makeing games (mostly stuff with Id's 3d engine, Quake 3 and such) Black Crypt on the Amiga was there first game, couple of brothers I think.. been so long.

Matt Barton
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Well, I went ahead and

Well, I went ahead and ordered this baby today:

Canon VIXIA HG20 AVCHD 60 GB HDD Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom.

It's supposed to be nothing short of SPECTACULAR, so hopefully the quality of the Matt Chats will be skyrocketing after I plug this baby up. Just think--now you'll be able to see every particle of frizz and every blemish! Hell, I might have to get Elizabeth to apply some makeup or something. Eww!

Andy O. (not verified)

I played this game for close to a month on my ST. Got it the second week after it came out. Not only was the game fun and challenging, but it fit on one single sided 3.5" floppy (360 kilobytes of data). simply amazing game. Nice little walkthrough.

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