The Evolution of Mario

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Super Mario Bros: Has Mario evolved in leaps and bounds?Super Mario Bros: Has Mario evolved in leaps and bounds?Game Daily is running a nice 6-page feature on the history of Nintendo's uber-famous Mario character. The article takes us through the various iterations of Mario, from the humble platforming days to sports, driving, and role-playing. However, I was a bit surprised that the author didn't mention the original Mario Bros game. True, it wasn't nearly as well-developed as Super Mario Bros. for the NES, but the original game did have some nice platforming action (I especially liked the two-step process required to blast the turtles) and established many of the gameplay elements of the later games. I had lots of fun with it on my Commodore 64.

The article is still worth a look, however!


Bill Loguidice
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I agree, the original Mario

I agree, the original Mario Bros. was one of the great two player games. There's even a superb official translation for the Atari 2600! I too though played it a lot on the C-64 in my youth, as well as the arcade.

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Original mario bros game - on GBA carts too

Next to Donkey Kong, the Mario Bros. game was one of the first Mario games I played on my C64. Of course there is a good Nes/Famicom version out there. And Nintendo has included the Mario Bros game on a the Super Mario Land GBA-game cartridges.

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Super Mario Bros.

I hate to admit it but my first exposure to any Mario Bros game was on the DS. I bought the Super Mario Bros. last week and am in Mario heaven right now. I wish they'd port it over to the Xbox!!! If the Wii allows the original games to be played on it I'll be getting that platform once it comes out. I've been waiting to see because I'd love to play Mario Kart on the big screen as well.

Mat Tschirgi (not verified)
Eh, the original Mario Bros.

Eh, the original Mario Bros. was all right, but I always preferred Popeye in the arcades. ;)

From what I've played of it in the demo kiosks in Japan, New Super Mario Bros for the DS is a hell of a lot of retro fun.

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