W00t! Feature Film Documentary Filming Daily Diary - San Francisco USA - The Final Day, Plus Rare Arcade Multimedia!

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I just wanted to post some photo and cam videos from our trip to San Francisco, California, USA, for the filming of the interviews of industry pros and legends for our upcoming feature film documentary, W00t!: The Videogame Revolution, from Lux Digital Pictures, which will release worldwide in 2010. These photos and videos represent our final time here, including our trip to a very cool retro arcade, with plenty of electro-mechanical stuff and arcade games from the 1800's through to the present day (We also have some amazing footage of the elusive and controversial "Death Race" arcade machine you'll not want to miss!). Have a look and feel free to ask questions, as I'd rather respond to questions than post at length given how busy things are!

[NOTE: For this final round, please go directly to the Flickr site to check everything out. There are a massive amount of photos and videos taken by Matt and myself with our respective digital cameras and the Flip video recorder. Be sure to look through everything!]

The direct link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loguidice/sets/72157615736459267/

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