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Well, it's day 4 of our adventures in San Francisco and GDC. Still going strong, even though conducting the interviews is strenuous. We got to meet John Romero last night, who is certainly one of the most interesting and unpredictable people in the business--has a memory for detail like you wouldn't believe. I think he knows every Apple II game, developer, year, and programming routine by heart (not to mention his extensive knowledge of other platforms!) We got fantastic footage as well. We ended up going out to dinner with John and his friends and had a great and enlightening time!

All of the interviews have been notable and full of surprises. Bob Citelli brought us insights into the early darks of marketing games and some mint condition trade magazines from the early days--there are shots in there galore of ads for products that weren't used on the general public. There are even shots of unreleased products! Definitely great stuff. Of course, people like Don Daglow and Noah Falstein are endlessly fascinating, going from story to story of the early days while Bill and I are on the edge of our seats. Eric Lindstrom gave us some insider knowledge of Tomb Raider, and Sande Chen had great things to say about Witcher and females and games.

I really enjoyed David Warhol, who was certainly one of the most energetic and delightful interviewees. He has great wit and fun stories, and he tells them very well. During his Intellivision days, he had to both code and compose the music. Then he talked about how midi killed the need for his specialty--though I think his stuff will always be special (Pool of Radiance theme, hello!)

John Smedley was an interesting interview because he brought along his PR manager. He is obviously a very polished speaker with a charismatic and engaging personality. We got great stuff from him about Everquest and Free Realms--he said that the free model is the model of the future. He's also amazingly tall!

It's also fun working with Mike Bratkowski, our director of photography. He's a funny guy and amazingly versatile. "Let me go those fly-aways" and out comes his scissors, clip clip. That in addition to putting on makeup and setting up lights, etc. His footage looks and sounds fantastic.


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AA definitely has moved up a notch because of your great work!

Pat yourselves on the back guys, excellent job! This sure moves up AA a notch or two! ;-)

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