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This is for all Vectrex fans, please see the message below which I copied from Its a brand new site for the Vectrex:

Dear Vectrex Enthusiasts,

in the last month I have spend some nights to set up a page about the
greatest home arcade ever, and because you are the ones that keep the
Vectrex spirit alive I like you to visit:

I have collected Vectrex facts and data from several places around the
web and maybe you find some your originated. Credits have added for
the essential sources. The page has various sections:

Vectrex System
Vectrex Games
Vectrex History
and Vectrex Links

The 3D Imager and Light pen are also featured but I would be thankful
for more detailed informations. Also photos of prototypes and homebrew
projects are very welcome.

To anyone directly or indirectly involved in the development of
Vectrex in the 80's, please feel welcome to share your experiences.

The museum page is meant to be an educational tool, therefore I am
looking for Vectrex information sources (especially primary source
information) whether it be from letters, magazines, pamphlets or other

If you are a programmer you can help us by sending additional data and
tutorials for the coders pages in the System section. And if you are
still looking for Vectrex collectibles the page offers a "Last Minute"
RSS feed - for items listed actually at eBay US.

Please have a look to the museums page and if you like it I would ask
you to add the banner to your page because the museum is the newest
kid on the block...

Happy vetrexing today!

Oliver in Berlin

Mark Vergeer
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Thanks for the info - nice looking site!

Toller Website!

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