Get Software to Your Apple II simply using Java and a Cable!

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Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Apple //c Cable Connection Photo from Brendan Robert's "Apple Game Server"Anyone who has read my past writings knows that I'm a big collector and a huge fan of playing original games (or code) on original hardware. There are countless solutions for various computer and videogame systems for doing this, and one of the systems that has become particularly robust in its offering of late is the Apple II-series of computers. Between compact flash adpaters, disk drive adapters and countless other often manual and complicated transfer methods, it looks like Brendan Robert has created one of the easiest and cheapest systems to date. While I highly recommend both the Apple II compact flash adapter ( and the SVD ( - which is particularly good for multi-system collectors), Brendan's solution seems particularly elegant, though I have yet to try it for myself.

Using a "simple" Java application running on a host computer and a null modem cable between that computer and your Apple II-series system, it appears to be a relatively trivial manner to get the Apple II-based system to load software as if running off the disk drive. Here's the link to the full procedure for "Apple Game Server" and the homebase for this exciting process.

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Excellent apple II solution!

Wow, this is one very fine way of making safely stored programs on HD, or CD available to the old Apple II platform. No bitrot or worn out floppy drives just a java program and a serving computer!


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