Matt and Bill's Excellent Adventure - A Feature Film Documentary on Videogames

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Do I have some big news for you! Your very own Matt and Bill are set to write and produce a feature film--a documentary based on Vintage Games, among others! We're still working out the ins and outs, but you're basically looking at 90 minutes of gaming goodness wrapped around a historical narrative. It's going to be most excellent!

A couple things we're thinking about now is who we might get for a narrator or host (if indeed we want a celebrity rather than a pro narrator), what themes we'll explore, tone (serious, humorous, egghead, edgy, wacky, lighthearted?), and of course the details of the script. As directors and producers, we have almost total control, so I can't imagine this thing being anything but awesome. Unfortunately, while Bill has spent some time in front of a camera for his videos, I haven't done anything of the sort--all new territory for me. We've been reading up on documentary making, though, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what goes into a great one. The question is, can we pull it off? And the answer is--duh, of course we will!

I had the idea of getting Tom Baker as our host/narrator and tying in the idea of time travel; going back in time to see the early games, etc. A bit obvious, perhaps, but I think it'd be fantastic working with Tom!

I was taping myself a bit last night and can only describe my performance as Weird Al-esque with a bit of Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell). Clearly, trying to look serious or scholarly on screen is going to be a challenge, assuming I'm in the film at all. The author of the horror documentary seemed to make an appearance or two, so I'm hoping. :)


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If there is anything I can do to help - let me know will you. If not I will be looking forward to the finished result!
Cheers, Mark

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