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Press Release

17th February 2009 - today announced the release of a new iPhone game called "Blox". The game is based on a simple concept and is very innovative. It has been designed exclusively for iPhone OS and can be purchased for iPod touch and iPhone.

"Blox" is an addictive game of speed and accuracy involving high speed flying blocks and your fingers and thumbs!

The player has one minute to score as many points as possible - during that minute, colored blocks will fly onto the screen from various directions. Each block has an arrow, and it can be earned a point by physically pushing the block in the correct direction.
Every ten points a bonus block will continuously regenerate. While the game goes on the player earn big points hectically flinging multiple blocks off the screen at fantastic speed.

Price and availability
The game is available today at the AppStore. The price is $ 0.99.

AppStore link

Product Information (Video)

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